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Custom Chemical Peels

We offer a range of Light to Mid-depth chemical peels. Peels are customized for your skin to produce the best results:

Removes layers of dead skin

Builds collagen & elastin

Creates total rejuvenation

Diminishes wrinkles

Removes dark spots

$195 / $395 / $495

Tummy Treatment

Advanced Radio Frequency is a heat-penetrating treatment highly effective for melting fat, tightening, and toning skin.

Results are visible after each treatment. Treatments are sold in packages of 3, depending on tummy size, 2-3 packages may be required to reach best results .

Series of 3 / $800

Double-Chin Treatment

This newly developed Medical-Grade treatment creates instant visual and long-lasting results! Treatment includes Radio Frequency and Micro-Current .

Eliminates fat under chin

Tightens skin

Slimmer face

Lifts face & tones muscles

Series of 3 / $450

RF Treatments

Medical grade Radio Frequency is advanced technology. After one treatment, wrinkles are significantly reduced and skin is toned and firmer. Results a real and long-lasting.


1. promotes cellular renewal

2. reduces lines & wrinkles

3. lifts, tone. and tightens skin

4. Zero down-no!

3 / $550

V-Line Face Shaping

This newly developed Medical-Grade treatment creates a long-lasting V-shaped (heart shaped) face in 5-days. Results are extremely visual and very feminine-looking.

1. Creates a Heart-Shaped Face

2. Eliminates Fat cells

3. Chin & Jaw-line lifted and firmer

Hydra-Oxygen Facial


Powerful Oxygenated bubbles penetrate deep into the skin causing enhanced blood circulation, detoxification, and refines skin texture.

exfoliates dead skin cells

deep pore cleansing

superior skin rejuvenation

kills harmful bacteria

includes a Hydo-Jelly Mask