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Custom Chemical Peel

We offer a range of Light to Mid-depth chemical peels.  All treatments are specifically customized to your skin type and best possible results:

  1.  removes layers of dead skin
  2.  builds collagen & elastin
  3.  smooths & rejuvenation
  4.  diminishes fine lines

$175 / $295 / $400

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Pro Micro-Current

We offer a highly  ADVANCED Micro-Current treatment.  Tightens facial muscles, causing the entire face to LIFT .  Weekly treatments include an enzyme facial and will produce astonishing results:

  1. diminishes Wrinkles
  2. lifts Face & tightens Neck
  3. repairs sagging Jowls
    Series of 6 / $1,500

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Ultra-Sonic Facial

Vibration at 25000 pulses per second gently exfoliates layers of dead skin cells. Accelerating blood flow, circulation.  Improvement of skin is INSTANT with OUTSTANDING results. this treatment has NO-Downtime.

  1.   promotes cellular renewal
  2.  increases blood circulation
  3.  very smooth & brighter skin
  4.  reduces lines & wrinkles


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Honey Enzyme Facial

This is a luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating facial, with a gentle soothing massage, and  loaded with antioxidant-rich skin food:

  1.  dramatically smoother skin
  2.  super HYDRATING
  3.  revitalized & glowing skin 


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Pigment Peel

This treatment is specifically for  pigmentation issues such as MELASMA & SUN SPOTS.   Effectively  pulls out, then peels off  dark spots. 

  1. diminishes  melasma
  2. lighten & tightens skin

$225 or  3/$600

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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen bubbles penetrate into skin enhancing blood circulation, detoxification, and refines skin.  Treatment Revives, BRIGHTENS, tones, and beautify skin:

  1. inhibits melanin production
  2.  exfoliates dead skin cells


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