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Custom Chemical Peel

We offer a range of Light to Mid-depth chemical peels.  All treatments are specifically customized to your skin type and best possible results:

  1.  removes layers of dead skin
  2.  builds collagen & elastin
  3.  smooths & rejuvenation
  4.  diminishes fine lines

$195 / $395 / $495

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Pro Micro-Current

We offer a highly  ADVANCED Micro-Current treatment.  Tightens facial muscles, causing the entire face to LIFT .  Weekly treatments include an enzyme facial,  LED , and specialty mask.

  1.  Lifts  sagging Jowls
  2.  Lifts face & Tightens neck
  3.  Reduces wrinkles
Series of 3 / $1,100

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Hollywood  Glow Facial

Turn uneven pigmentation  into radiant , even skin.  HBB Glow  treatment  will  lighten and balance  skin tone.   Natural enzymes  & plant extracts melt dull skin cells and stimulate cell renewal for a smooth glowing appearance.  Diminishes wrinkles & tightens skin.   Instant results .

$275 /1

Series of 2 / $500

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Honey Enzyme Facial

his is a luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating facial, with a gentle soothing massage, and  loaded with antioxidant-rich skin food:
  1.  dramatically smoother skin
  2.  super HYDRATING
  3.  revitalized & glowing skin 


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Pigment Peel

This treatment is specifically for  pigmentation issues such as MELASMA & SUN SPOTS.   Effectively  pulls out, then peels off  dark spots. 

  1. diminishes  melasma
  2. lighten & tightens skin 
  3. re-texture & firms skin

$225 or  3/$600

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Oxygen Facial

Oxygen bubbles penetrate into skin enhancing blood circulation, detoxification, and refines skin.  Treatment Revives, BRIGHTENS, tones, and beautify skin:

  1. inhibits melanin production
  2.  exfoliates dead skin cells


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